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Rhode Island Cemeteries Database

Washington County Cemeteries Info

Charlestown     Cemetery description information

Prior to 1990 there were 46 registered cemeteries in the town of Charlestown. Today,  95 are registered.  65 cemeteries were recorded from 1965-1980 by Marjorie Pendleton. An additional 9 cemeteries were found after 1990. Phase II recording has been completed for all cemeteries. Charlestown is considered 100% complete.
Book Published

Exeter      Cemetery description information

Book Published
A book is now available for this town. This volume contains gravestone transcriptions from 152 cemeteries in the town of Exeter, RI. For each cemetery a road map and directions are provided, as well as a diagram of how the gravestones are plotted within the cemetery. For each entry features such as condition, composition and carving are noted. There is a regular index of names and a separate maiden name index. There are 10 ancestor gravestone photographs. All of the crudely inscribed fieldstones that mark the graves of the earliest settlers have been documented and sketches of each one are included in the book.

Prior to 1990, 77 cemeteries were recorded for Exeter. Today, 162 of an estimated 165 are registered. Of an estimated 2,080 headstones, 2,077 have been entered into the database. Exeter is 100% complete. 

By James E. Good & John E. Sterling
8½x11, library binding, 216 pages, $24.95

Family names with 10 or more entries (bold have 20 or more):
Albro, Allen, Arnold, Austin, Bailey, Barber, Bates,Benjamin, Bliven, Brown, Burdick, Card, Carr, Champlin, Chapman,Clarke, Cook, Corey, Davis, Dawley, Douglas, Dutemple, Edwards, Fisher, Franklin, Fulford, Gardner, Greene, Hathaway, Hall, Hazard, Hendrick, Henry, Himes, Hoxie/Hoxsie, Huling, Hunt, James, Johnson, Joslin, Kenyon, Knight, Knowles, Lawton, Lewis, Lillibridge, Lock, Mann, Merriss, Money, Mumford, Northup, Onion, Palmer, Peckham, Perkins, Phillips, Potter, Rathbun, Reynolds, Richmond, Shaw, Sherman, Sprague, Standeven, Straight, Strange, Sunderland, Sweet, Tarbox, Taylor, Tefft, Thurston, Tillinghast, Timpson, Tisdale, Tripp, Vaughn, Wells, Whitford, Wilcox, Wilson, Wood, Young

Hopkinton     Cemetery description information

Book Published
In 1990, there were 34 registered cemeteries in the town of Hopkinton. Currently 83 of an estimated 89 have been found and registered and 9,831 of an estimated 9,850 gravestones have been recorded for this book.. Volunteers have spent many hours in libraries and the town hall researching the various family cemeteries and adding genealogical data. Hopkinton is considered 100% complete.

By Gayle E. Waite and Lorraine Tarket-Arruda
8 ½ x 11, library binding, 385 pages, $45.00

This book is the product of over five years of research gathering the few meager cemetery transcripts that were done and locating and recording 53 cemeteries that had not been registered by the state. The town burial permits were used to list burials not marked by a gravestone. It documents 9,831 gravestone inscriptions in 83 historical cemeteries, is fully indexed, plus a maiden name index. There is a map showing the location of each gravestone in each cemetery and a street map showing the exact location of each cemetery as well as 52 photographs.

Family names with 10 or more entries (bold have 20 or more):
Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Armstrong, Arnold, Arnott, Austin, Avery, Babcock, Baggs, Bailey, Baker, Barber, Baton, Bennett, Berry, Bill, Bitgood, Blake, Bliven, Boss, Brearley, Briggs, Brightman, Brown, Burdick, Burgess, Burton, Capwell, Card, Carpenter, Carr, Caswell, Champlin, Chapman, Chappell, Chester, Church, Clark/Clarke, Cole, Collings, Collins, Cook, Coon, Corey, Cottrell, Crandall, Crockett, Davis, Dawley, Dove, Dow, Durfee, Eccelston, Edwards, Eldridge, Ennis, Fenner, Fletcher, Foster, Frazier, Gardiner, Gardner, Gates, Gaudlap, Gavitt, Geer, Gray, Green/Greene, Hall, Harrington, Harris, Hearn, Hill, Hirst, Hiscox, Holberton, Holdredge, Holland, Holt, Hopkins, Hoxie/Hoxsie, Irish, Jacobson, Jacques, James, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Kenney,Kenyon/Kinyon, Knight, Langworthy, Lanphear, Larkin, Latham, Lawton, Lewis, Macomber, Main/Maine, Martin, Matteson, Maxon/Maxson, McDonald, Merritt, Milby, Miller, Mills, Miner, Moore, Morgan, Murphy, Newton, Nichols, Niles, Noyes, Nye, Olney, Palmer, Park, Parker, Partelo, Peckham, Pendelton, Perrin, Perry, Phillips, Potter, Prince, Prosser, Randall, Rathbun, Reynolds, Richmond, Roberts, Robinson, Rodman, Rogers, Rose, Royle, Sanders, Saunders, Scott, Sheldon, Sherman, Sisson, Slocum, Smith, Spencer, Spicer, Stanton, Stillman, Sullivan, Tanner, Taylor, Tefft, Thayer, Thomas, Thompson, Thurston, Tucker, Turner, Vars, Webster, Wells, Wheeler, White, Whiteley, Whitford, Wilbur, Wilcox, Williams, Wilson, Witter, Wood, Woodmancy/Woodmansee, Wright, Young.

Narragansett    Cemetery description information

George Harris recorded 25 cemeteries in Narragansett in 1880-81. Of these, 9 have been checked and updated. 15 cemeteries have been registered and it is estimated that a total of 22 may still exist. Of the estimated 200 marked graves thought to exist in Narragansett, 163 have been entered in the database. Narragansett is 82% complete.

North Kingstown     Cemetery description information

Two Books Published  Sorry, Graveyards of North Kingstown, RI is not currently available.
This work features comprehensive information on the 177 graveyards of North Kingstown, RI, presented in such a way as to make it readily accessible to researchers. The cemetery descriptions include maps, directions and historical background. A fold out map showing the location of each cemetery is included. Elm Grove Cemetery and the more modern Quidnessett Cemetery are not included in the book which covers the historical farm cemeteries.  Learn more about Elm Grove Cemetery.

Prior to 1990, 93 cemeteries were registered in North Kingstown. Currently, 182 of an estimated 187 have been recorded. 11,721 of an estimated 15,000 headstones have been entered into the database. North Kingstown is 78% complete.

By Althea H. McAleer, Beatrix Hoffius & Deby Jecoy Nunes
8½x11, paperback, 268 pages, $19.95

Family names with 10 or more entries (bold have 20 or more):
Allen, Arnold, Austin, Aylesworth, Baker, Briggs, Brown, Carpenter, Carr, Casey, Clark, Cole, Congdon, Corey, Davis, Dyer, Eldred, Fones, Fowler, Gardiner, Gardner, Greene, Hall, Hammond, Hazard, Hill, Himes, Huling, Hunt, Jacoy, Knowles, Lawton, Madison/Matteson, Northup, Pearce/Pierce, Phillips, Rathbun, Reynolds, Rose, Sherman, Slocum, Smith, Spink, Sweet, Tanner, Thomas, Tourgee, Updike, Vaughn, Verry, Watson,Weeden, Wightman, Wilcox, Young

Elm Grove Cemetery, North Kingstown

This meticulous transcription of roughly 10,000 gravestones in the largest cemetery in North Kingstown completes the record of burials in that town begun in the 1992 book Graveyards of North Kingstown by Althea McAleer, Beatrix Hoffius and Deby Jecoy Nunes. The fire damaged records North Kingstown make the evidence of gravestones particularly valuable for research in this town. Elm Grove Cemetery of North Kingstown, Rhode Island is illustrated with a variety of pictures and many gravestone photographs contributed by John E. Sterling. The book includes an extended introduction to the history of the cemetery and some of the more colorful people buried there. The book features both a surname and a maiden name index. Elm Grove Cemetery, North Kingstown Historic Cemetery 26, was founded in 1851 as the first public cemetery in the town. Elm Grove is far more than the Victorian cemetery one might expect: many earlier North Kingstown graves, even whole family cemeteries, were moved here from privately owned lots around the town as the land was developed. For the first time the genealogical information from all the gravestones will be available.

By Althea H. McAleer
8½x11, hard cover, library binding, 392 p. pages, $35.00

Family names with 10 or more entries (bold have 20 or more): Adams, Allen, Anderson/Andersen, Andrews, Angell, Arnold, Austin, Babcock, Baker, Ball, Barber, Barnes, Bates, Beaudreau, Bedford, Bennett, Bicknell, Bloomer, Bowen, Bray, Briggs, Brown/Browne, Browning, Bullock, Burdick, Burgess, Butler, Campbell, Carpenter, Carr, Carson, Caswell, Chace/Chase, Chadsey, Champlin, Church, Clark/Clarke, Cogean, Cole, Congdon, Cook/Cooke, Cooper, Cozzens, Crandall, Cranston, Crombe, Cullen, Cutting, Davis, Dawley, Deakin, Denico, Dickens, Douglas/Douglass, Dyer, Earley, Eccleston, Eldred, Ennis, Fiske, Fowler, Franklin, Freeborn, Freeman, Gradiner/Gardner, Gavitt, Geer, Gould, Green/Greene, Greer, Haggarty/Harggerty, Hall, Hamilton, Hammond, Harris, Hart, Hartley, Harvey, Haszard/Hazard/Hazzard, Hathaway, Hendrick, Henry, Hill, Himes, Hollande, Holloway, Howard, Hoxie/Hoxsie, Huling, Hunt, Jacoy/Jecoy, James, Johnson/Johnston/Johnstone, Jones, Jordan/Jorden/Jordon, Kelley/Kelly, Kenyon, King, Kingley, Knight, Knowles, Lafreniere, Larontaine/Lafountain/Lafountaine, Lasell/Lassell, Lawton, Leeming, Lewis, Lord, Lovely, Lucas, Lynch, Macomber, Maglone, Magnant, Maryott, Mason, Mateson/Mathewson/Matteson, Mccombs, Mcelhaney, Mckenzie, Mcneil, Miner, Mitchell, Money, Moore, Nason, Nichols, Northrop/Northup, O'neil/O'neill, Oatley, Parker, Patterson, Pearce/Peirce/Pierce, Peckham, Percival, Perry, Phillips, Place, Potter, Prentice, Rathbun, Reed/Reid, Reynolds, Rice, Robinson, Rodman, Rogers, Rose, Ryan, Salisbury, Sanford, Saunders, Secor, Shaw, Shearman/Sherman, Shippee, Sisson, Slocum, Smith, Spencer, Spink, Sprague, Standeven, Steere, Stone, Straight, Sunderland, Sweet, Tallman, Tarbox, Taylor, Tefft, Thomas, Timpson, Tisdale, Tourgee/Tourjee, Tucker, Tully, Vaughan/Vaughn, Waite, Wall, Warburton, Ward, Watson, Weaver, Weeden, Weinreich, Wightman, Wilcox, Willey, Willis, Wilson, Wood, Worden, Young.

Richmond    Cemetery description information

There are estimated to be 90 cemeteries in the town of Richmond. Prior to 1990, 51 were registered. Since 1990 the total has risen to 84. The core of this database is the work of Carl Stoner done in the 1960s and 70s. Several volunteers are at work in Richmond recording cemeteries. Of the estimated 5,000 marked graves, 4,920 have been entered into the database. Richmond is 98% complete.

South Kingstown    Cemetery description information

Book Published
In 2004 John Sterling and James Wheaton finished recording 13,886 gravestone inscriptions 203 cemeteries in South Kingstown and, through the Rhode Island Genealogical Society, published a book with their results. As with other towns in this project the first step was to find any early transcripts of the burial grounds.

For South Kingstown three were found. The earliest was an anonymous three-volume manuscript entitled A Visitation to the Cemeteries of Ancient Kingstowne recorded in 1880 and 1881 that is now at Rhode Island Historical Society Library. This transcript was attributed to George Harris by the library, but we have shown that it was actually the work of James Newell Arnold, who lived in North Kingstown at the time. Arnold recorded 265 burial locations, some containing only one unmarked grave. Some of these have been lost to 125 years of development in South Kingstown.  Second the Rhode Island state registration program was conducted from 1950 to 1990 to register the location of all historical cemeteries. While the state project did not record gravestones, it gave reasonably modern locations for the 97 cemeteries it covered. Third the Pettaquamscutt Historical Society’s Cemeteries in South Kingstown, Rhode Island published in 1979.

      These transcripts yielded about 2,500 gravestone inscriptions which were checked against the stones in the cemeteries, corrected when necessary and entered into the database. The book documents 13,886 gravestone inscriptions in 203 cemeteries in South Kingstown: 6,993 from the twentieth century, 3,917 from the nineteenth century, and 137 from the eighteenth century. Many plain fieldstones were found, including some of the oldest gravestones in South Kingstown, 144 inscribed fieldstones, 122 slate markers, 2,620 marble gravestones from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and 6,797 granite gravestone inscriptions from the twentieth century.

      1467 death records were extracted from Nailer Tom’s Diary and were used to construct records for the two Quaker cemeteries in town. Many of the Quaker gravestones are unmarked fieldstones. Daniel Stedman’s Journal 1826-1859 published in 2003 by the Rhode Island Genealogical Society was used to identify several unmarked burials and a couple of unrecorded cemeteries.

      Maps and directions to each cemetery were developed for the database and for the book. The GPS coordinates were measured for each cemetery so that they can be accurately located since many are far from the road.

 The following surnames appear on at least ten gravestones, bold type indicating twenty or more individuals.

 Adams, Albro, Aldrich, Allen, Andersen / Anderson, Andrew/Andrews, Anthony, Armstrong, Arnold, Atteridge/Attridge, Austin, Babcock, Baker, Bannister, Barber, Barker, Barrington, Baton, Bell, Billington, Blanchard, Bliss, Bliven, Boisvert, Boldt, Booth, Boss, Bradley, Braman/Brayman, Brennan, Briggs, Bristow, Brown/Browne, Browning, Burdick, Burns, Calitri, Campbell, Card, Carpenter, Carr, Case, Casey, Cassidy, Caswell, Champlin, Chappell, Church, Clark/Clarke, Clemens, Collins, Congdon, Cook/Cooke, Cornell, Costanza, Cottrell, Crandall, Curtis/Curtiss, Davis, Dawley, Desista, Dibiasio, Dimon, Disalvo, Dixon, Doane, Dobson, Dockray, Doherty, Dolan, Donahoe/Donahue, Donelly/Donnelly, Drake, Dugan, Easterbrooks, Eaton, Eccleston, Eddy, Edwards, Egan, Eldred, Emmett, Essex, Evans, Fagan, Fayerweather, Ferraro, Fitzgerald, Fortin, Foster, Fowler, French, Gadrow, Gardiner/Gardner, Gavitt, Gilbert, Goddard, Gough, Gould, Gray, Green/Greene, Greenman, Griffin, Grillo, Grinell/Grinnel/Grinnell/Grinol, Hall, Hanson, Harrall, Harrower, Harvey, Hasard/Haszard/Hazard, Hathaway, Healey/Healy, Helme, Holberton, Holgate, Holland, Holley, Holloway, Hopkins, Houston, Howard, Hoxie/Hoxsie, Hoyle, Hull, Hunt, Jackson, James, Jaquays, Jaques, Johnson, Jones, Kelleher, Kelley/Kelly, Kenyon/Kinyon, King, Kinnecom/Kinnecome, Kinney, Kissoth/Kissouth, Knight, Knowles, Kroener, Lariviere, Larkin, Lawton, Leslie, Lewis, Lillibridge, Littlefield, Lock/Locke, Lynch, Lyons, MacNaughton, Mahon, Maine, Marchant, Martella, Matterson/Matteson, May, Mcardle, McCue, McCulloch, McGrath, McNally, McNulty, Mello, Mellor, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Molloy, Monahan, Monroe, Moore, Morgan, Mullen, Mumford, Murray, Nichols, Nigrelli, Noka, Northup, Noyes, Nye, O’Brien, O’Hara, O’Neal/O’Neil/O’Neill, Oakley, Palmer, Partelow, Pearce / Pearse / Pierce, Peckham, Perkins, Perry, Philips/Phillips, Pollack/Pollock, Potter, Priday, Quigley, Quinlan, Quinn, Rathbon/Rathbun/Rathburn, Reed, Reels, Reynolds, Richmond, Roberts, Robinson, Rodman, Rogers, Rose, Ryan, Salzer, Saunders, Schaeffer, Segar, Sekater/Sekator, Shannon, Sheldon, Sherman, Signorelli, Simms/Sims, Sisson, Slocum, Smith, Southwick, Stanton, Steadman/Stedman, Stone, Streeter, Sullivan, Sweet, Taber, Tanner, Taylor, Tefft, Thomas, Thompson, Totten, Tourgee/Tourjee, Tucker, Turrisi, Underwood, Walker, Walmsley, Watson, Watts, Webb, Webster, Weeden, Wells, Westcott, Whaley/Whalley, White, Whitford, Wilbur, Wilcox, Wilder, Williams, Willis, Wilson,Wood, Woodmancy / Woodmansee / Woodmansie, Wright, Yemma, Yost, Young


Westerly      Cemetery description information

Rev. Frederic Denison published 116 cemeteries recorded in Westerly and its Witnesses in 1867. In the early 1980's, 68 of these cemeteries were located and registered. 25 of these have been checked and updated. A volunteer has recorded River Bend Cemetery. This data is being checked against a prior transcript which will result in a very complete record of this cemetery dating back to 1850. Dwight and Anna Brown have also recorded and published River Bend. For more information on these volumes, contact Dwight at 77 cemeteries have been registered to date, with an estimated total of 83 thought to still exist. Of the 16,700 estimated marked graves in Westerly, 16,272 have been entered in the database. Westerly is 97% complete.

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