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Cemetery Transcription Project

List of Transcribers

The following is list of transcriber, past and present, whose efforts help to make up the Rhode Island Cemetery Transcription Project.

Initials                 Transcriber                        notes

JES                              John E. Sterling                             1990-2007 all towns
RDB                            Roger D. Beaudry                         1992-2007 mostly northern towns-also AFGS
DJN                             Deby J. Nunes                              1990-2007
AFGS                          American French                           many members working with RDB in northern Rhode Island
                                    Genealogical Society
EWC                           Edwin W. Connelly
AHM                           Althea H. McAleer                        North Kingstown
BCM                           Bruce C. MacGunnigle                   East Greenwich
WRE                            Bill Eddleman                                Coventry
MO                              Michael O’Shay                            Middletown
LTA                             Lorraine T. Arruda/Gayle Waite    Hopkinton, Charlestown
GBB                            Gertrude B. Barrington                   many large cemeteries SK,WY,CR,RD,HP
CFB                             Cherry Fletcher Bamberg              various – added research about many cemeteries
JNA                             James N. Arnold                           1880-1927 all RI
GGT                            Grace G. Tillinghast                        1930s work in Arnold collection
EBS                             Emma B. Shaw                              1930s work in Arnold collection
AJ                                Arthur James                                 1930s work in Arnold collection
GWB                           Gladys W. Brayton                        1930s work in Arnold collection
LEC                             Mrs. Lewis E. Card                       1930s work in Arnold collection
EDA                            Edward D. Anthony                       1930s work in Arnold collection-Barrington
HBS                             Howard B. Smith                          1930s work in Arnold collection-Foster
AB                               Arnold Battey                                1930s work in Arnold collection-Foster
LY                               Luther Yeaw                                  1930s work in Arnold collection-Foster
SN                               Serril Nicholas                               1930s work in Arnold collection-PV004
MSL                            Myron S. Lewis                             1888 West Greenwich work in Arnold collection
RB                               Rothwell Burgess                           1929 work in Arnold collection – Block Island
JLS                              James L. Sherman                          tablet inscriptions PV001-in Narragansett Register
GH                              George Harris                                 error-JNA work misidentified
FTC                             F. T. Calef                                     Providence, East Prov. 1920s
FW                              Frank Williamson                           NBG PV-1857-1860
ATB                            Anthony Tarbox Briggs
JAM                            James Augustus Miller                    Bristol before 1904
CIB                             Clarence I. Brown                          Scituate 1909
WHBR                        Walter H. B. Remington                 Warwick HC#114 1924
RJC                             Rev. John Cornell                           Portsmouth 1900
GHR                            G. H. Richardson                           Newport/Portsmouth 1889-1909
HET                             Dr. Henry E. Turner                       Newport 1850s
CS                               Carl Stoner                                    Richmond 1960s, 1970s – town clerk
HAS                            Henry A. Sayles                             Glocester 1930s – town clerk
BENNS                       Charles & Martha Benns                whole state 1930s – 1001 cemeteries
EMW                           Ethel M. White                              northern towns 1930s
TRIM, RST                  Robert Trim                                   East Providence 1970s
IBP                              Ira B. Peck                                    EP, CU, SM 1860s – older stones only
VEK                            Violet E. Kettelle                            East Greenwich
MCP                            Marjorie C. Pendleton                   Charlestown
BFA                             Blanche F. Albro                           West Greenwich
GEP                             Gladys E. Palmer                            Hopkinton, Exeter
BFW                            Benjamin F. Wilbor                        Little Compton, Tiverton, Portsmouth
MAF                            Mary A. Ferreira                           Smithfield
RF                                Ron Farrar                                    Smithfield
WS                              Waldo Sprague                              Tiverton
QUAK                         Quaker records
VFL                             Vincent F. Luti                               17th century stones
JCB                             James C. Belleman                         St John’s Ceme Prov. 1982
FPS                             Foster Preservation Society             under direction of  Marjorie Mathews
NBP                            Nellie B. Potter                               Scituate 1930s
BK                               Bernard Kenyon                            Hopkinton
JEG                              James E. Good                              Exeter, Grace Church Prov.
JLW                             James L. Wheaton                         So. Kingstown, Pawtucket
HEW                           Harold & Elsie Williams                  Cranston, Warwick
BM                              Brian Medvid                                 No. Providence
JT                                Jerry Taylor                                    Lincoln
SG                               Steve Gault
MOP                           Miles Olney Pray                            Foster 1872
PP                               Paul Papineau                                 Cumberland large cemeteries
BWC                           Betty Webber Cox
ACA                           Andrew C. Anthony                       So. Kingstown
JJR                              Judith Jencks Ray                          Cumberland
PHS                            Pettaquamscutt Hist Soc                 So. Kingstown
JHB                             John H Benson                              Arnold Cemetery Newport
AKW                          Amelia Kay Whitford                     Coventry, Scituate
FYS                            Flora Young Stone                         Foster 1912
EMK                           Edna Kent                                     Glocester
LD                               Louis Doucette                              Glocester
BHC                            Betty H. Clark                               Harmony Cemetery Glocester
DCB                            Dwight C. Brown                          Westerly
NEB                            Irene Nebiker                                No. Smithfield
JCT                              John C. Thresher                          Prudence Island, Portsmouth
MHS                            Middletown Historical Society
SS                                Sally Small                                    Barrington
EGD                            Elwin G Davis                                Foster 1918
MAG                           Morgan A. Goulet                         Warwick
JH                                Jon Halliwell                                  North Kingstown 1984
CWS                           Clint W. Sellew                              Esek Hopkins BG
PP                                Paul Papineau                                Cumberland 1994
FRP                             Florence R. Patenaude                   Warwick 1994
GBK                            Gladys B Kuehne                           EX155
KFB                            Katharine F. Bruce                         WK078
JRM                             John R. Mathewson                       Coventry
EBW                            Elsie B Williams                             Johnston 1968
DLM                            Doris L. Moon                               No. Kingstown, Exeter
GB                               Gene Baer                                     Portsmouth
CBB                            C. B. Bowditch                              Middletown 1884
ES                                Ezra Stiles diary 1763                    Newport
OPF                             Oliver P Fuller                               Warwick
MPS                            Meredith Sorozan                           Glocester
OFS                             Oscar F. Stetson
BC                               Barbara Colvin                               Scituate, Coventry
DG                               Dan Goldman                                Providence, East Greenwich
HXB                            Helen Bridge                                  Little Compton
PWB                            Providence Water Board               Scituate
SMV                            Stephen M. Vinca                          CR036 1980 boy scout
AR                               Al Rose                                         FR134
WWC                          W W Chapin                                 WBG stones moved to Oakland Ceme Cranston
SM                              Susan Mattern                                Nathan Wood Cemetery CY
JH                                Jeff Howe                                      Block Island
CKB                            Charlotte K. Butler                        West Greenwich
DCM                           David Cole Matteson                     Warwick
FH                               Ford Hilton                                     Coventry, Scituate
TJ                                Thomas Judd                                  East Greenwich 51 & 83
AFC                            Fred Clark                                     Richmond/EG
BH                               Brenda Hopkins
BA                               Barb Austin/Letty Champion           Aquidneck Island (photos)
CKB                            Charlene Butler                              West Greenwich

RSB                             Robert Butler                                 West Greenwich

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