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Tips for Using the Cemetery Database

1. Search surrounding towns, data is arranged and stored by town. 

2. View a cemetery in natural order to search for relatives buried nearby. 

3. Search maiden names using the custon search. 

4. Look at children's parents names for adults you cannot locate. 

5. There are notes containing additional information on some gravestones - read them. 

6. Read the cemtery description for addional data. 

7. Note legibility - 'P' (poor) means some part of the stone could not be clearly read. 

8. Note if the stones still exists before going to visit a cemetery - the database tells  
   on stones for which phase II has been completed. 

9. Read and note middle names (especially for children) for possible family names. 

10. Note if Phase II (data checked) has been done. The stone data will be filled in and 
    P2 is checked on the cemetery description. 

11. Data in bracket [] is additional data we have added, but is not on the gravestone. 
Maiden Names The cemetery database contains over 56,000 maiden names. In addition to this many children have first and middle names on their gravestones. Many of these middle names are mother's maiden names.

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