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Rhode Island Cemeteries Database

Newport County Cemeteries Info

Jamestown   Cemetery description information

The DAR recorded some of the Jamestown cemeteries in 1941. Benjamin F. Wilbour and Waldo C. Sprague recorded 3 complete and 2 partial cemeteries in 1954. Phase II has been complete on the Town Cemetery, the Quaker Burial Ground and three smaller cemeteries. 12 cemeteries have been registered with no more believed to exist. Of the 1,500 marked graves, 1,429 have been entered in the database. Jamestown is 95% complete.

Little Compton   Cemetery description information

This database is almost entirely an early transcript by Benjamin F. Wilbour; updated in 1959 with Waldo C. Sprague. 49 of the estimated 55 cemeteries have been registered. Prior to 1990 there were 32 registered. Of the 2,500 estimated marked graves, 2,034 have been entered in the computer. Little Compton is 81% complete.

Middletown     Cemetery description information

After ten years of preparation the Middletown Historical Society has completed a book on its cemeteries. 59 historical cemeteries were recorded as well as two in Portsmouth. Six larger modern cemeteries were not recorded. Middletown was originally part of Newport and was one of the earliest towns settled. The book documents 13 - 17th century gravestones and 155 - 18th century stones. 56 of these people were born in the 17th century. Photocopies of George Richardson's transcripts of 42 cemeteries in the 1890s are included in the book. There is a map showing the location of every gravestone in each cemetery.  The database also contains a recent transcript of the Four Corners Cemetery for a total of 3,274 inscriptions.

Prior to 1990, 28 cemeteries were registered. Currently, 75 of the 80 thought to currently exist have been registered. 3,274 of the estimated 4,000 headstones have been entered into the database. Middletown is 82% complete.

by Mike O'Shea
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Family names with 10 or more entries (Bold have 20 or more)
Albro, Allen, Bailey, Barker, Brown, Chase, Clark, Coggeshall, Cornell, Deblois, Dennis, Easton, Gould, Hassard/Hazard, Holmes, Irish, Peabody, Peckham, Rogers, Sheffield, Smith, Stoddard, Taggart, Tew, Wightman, Wood.

New Shoreham (Block Island)    Cemetery description information

The Edward D. Harris transcript of 'old epitaphs' published in 1883 and the 1956 Mansfield transcript have been entered into the database. There are 9 recorded cemeteries, with no more thought to exist. Of the estimated 2,000 marked graves, 1,774 have been entered. Block Island is 89% complete.

Newport     Cemetery description information

The G. H. Richardson transcript, the H. E. Turner transcript and the CETA transcript have been entered. The Quaker death records for the Quaker, the Clifton and the Coddington burial grounds have been entered. The military cemetery at Fort Adams and Trinity Cemetery have been recorded. The Common Burial Ground, started in 1640, is now being thoroughly recorded. All 5000 stones are being checked and documented. 29 of the estimated 32 cemeteries have been registered. Prior to 1990, there were 19. Of the estimated 50,000 marked graves, 14,012 have been added to the database. Newport is 28% complete.

Portsmouth       Cemetery description information

A CETA project transcript is the basis for the data for this town. Prudence Island Cemetery, part of the town of Portsmouth is cemetery PO041. There were 42 registered cemeteries prior to 1990. Today there are 55 of an estimated 60 registered. Of the estimated 6,000 marked graves, 1,920 have been entered into the computer. Portsmouth is 32% complete. Several large cemeteries have not been recorded yet.

Tiverton    Cemetery description information

New England Historic Genealogical Register published transcripts (1963) by Benjamin F. Wilbour is all we have for this town. There are 86 cemeteries registered in Tiverton with a total of 90 estimated to exist. Prior to 1990 there were 85. Of the estimated 2,200 marked graves, 2,180 have been entered. Tiverton is 99% complete, but all of this data must be checked (phase II) and updated. 

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