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Other Rhode Island Cemetery Transcriptions

The transcribers listed below are people who worked in two or more towns around the state.
 1. James Arnold 1890-1915 approx 1500 cemeteries statewide. (a number of 
    people have contributed transciptions to the Arnold Collection, some 
    after his death. Among them were: Grace Tillinghast, Emma Shaw, Arthur 
    Miller, Edward D. Anthony, Howard B. Smith, Nellie Potter, Myron S. 
    Lewis, Flora Young Stone, Mrs. Lewis E. Card, Rothwell Burgess, Frank 
    Williamson, Serril Nicholas). 

2. Charles & Martha Benns 1930-1938 1000 Cemeteries statewide. 

3. George Harris 1880-1881 North & South Kingstown, Narragansett and part of Exeter. 

4. G. H. Richardson 1889-1909 Middletown, Portsmouth and Newport. 

5. Dr. Henry E. Turner 1860's Middletown and Newport. 

6. Ira Peck circa 1860's northern Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts. 

7. Ethel M. White 1930's older cemeteries northern Rhode Island. 

8. Amelia Kay Whitford 1960-1980 Coventry, Scituate, Glocester and more. 

9. Gertrude B. Barrington 1991-1995 most large cemeteries in Washington County. 

10. Dr. Frederick T. Calef 1920's Lincoln and Providence. 

11. Violette Kettelle 1940-1960 East and West Greenwich and Warwick. 

12. Anthony Tarbox Briggs 1950's East Greenwich, North Kingstown, Coventry and others. 

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