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Helping To Preserve Richmond's Historic Cemeteries


Who Are We?

    Our names are Jennifer and Courtney.  We are a sophomore and a freshman in high school, and both of us are Cadettes in Girl Scout Troop 959. We decided to work together to earn our Silver Award by creating a project that helped preserve the historical cemeteries in our town. Both of us wanted to do something unique for our project that  not many other Girl Scouts had done before. 


What is a Silver Award?

    A Silver Award is one of three higher awards a Girl Scout can get. Juniors can earn the Bronze Award, Cadettes can earn the Silver Award, and Seniors can earn the Gold Award. A Silver Award project requires having already earned The Girl Scout Silver Leadership Award (which requires three interest projects and 15 hours of leadership experience), The Girl Scout Silver Career Award, and The Girl Scout Silver 4Bs Challenge (which is made up of setting self-improvement goals and identifying important community problems and solutions). Once the initial requirements are finished, the project itself has to involve 40 hours of work that serves the community in some way. 


What did Operation Preservation involve?

    Operation Preservation involved us being trained by someone who has experience with cemetery transcription who taught us everything we needed to know to get our project underway. She took us to Wood River Cemetery and showed us what to do and talked to us about the importance of documenting this information for the future. Then we got to work and began visiting sites and measuring and recording dimensions, copying down inscriptions, mapping out, sketching, and taking pictures of each stone. We also visited the local library and made copies of some previous transcriptions that we could use for reference. Once we had all he information we needed from a specific place, we entered, double checked, and or updated the information in the Rhode Island Cemetery Database. For the James Lee Lot, which had never been documented before this, we created the page not just for the headstone located there, but for the entire cemetery. We had to map out the lot and enter in information such as where it was located, who owned it, and how many burials were located there. Finally, we created this website documenting everything that we have accomplished. 


Who helped us out along the way?

We couldn't have gotten all of this done without help, so a big thanks to everyone who gave us a hand! Thanks a million to...                                                                     

>Deby Nunes for everything!! Teaching us everything we needed to know (plus way more) about cemeteries, helping with the computer stuff, driving us around to every cemetery in town all summer, and getting us interested in the idea for this project in the first place. Also for everything you do for the troop, connected to the Silver project and otherwise. You're amazing! 

>Patti Cousineau for coming along and hiking around the cemetery at Wawaloam and Cemetery 3 to help us out, and for helping us coordinate when we could do all this. Not to mention all you do for the troop as a whole also; thanks so much! ----     

>Cyndi Harney (Chocolate Chip) for telling us about and bring us out to the  cemetery on her brother's property (which we later officially named the James Lee lot) so we could actually discover a cemetery that nobody had ever documented before! It is so cool that we get to put down that it was us who found it. Thank you so much!

>Charlotte Markey for pushing us to get this Silver Award and for keeping us in the troop. You're an amazing leader, Girl Scouts just wouldn't be Girl Scouts without you. We love ya!

>The people at Wawaloam Campground who gave us permission to come and work in the cemetery on their property, especially Jerry Boyer who told us everything he knew about the site and the people buried there. We appreciate it.

>Both Michael Costa and Christine Hendrix who own the land that the James Lee lot is located on, and Tom and Cheryl Cousineau who own the land where cemetery 85 is located for giving us permission to go into the cemeteries on your land. 

>And anyone else that was involved in helping us get this done that we forgot to mention, thank you for everything you did!


The Cemeteries We Went To                                                                                                                                                               

     LINK TO D001 PAGE

                                                  LINK TO RD003 PAGE   


                                              LINK TO RD085 PAGE

              LINK TO RD045 PAGE              


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