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Richmond cemetery  RD085 - James Lee lot 

We found this cemetery through the help of Cyndi "Chocolate Chip" Harney, a friend through Girl Scout Camp, who knew about the project we were doing. The lot is located on her brother's land and had never been transcribed and entered into the Rhode Island Cemetery Database by anyone before this. "Chocolate Chip"  led us through the woods on the property and into the clearing where an inscribed marble headstone and footstone stand in the middle. Indentations seen in in the surrounding ground indicate two unmarked graves, a total of three burials on the lot. We proceeded to measure and map out the area, transcribe the inscription on the stone, and photograph the area.

Cemetery Size: 20' x 20'

Headstone Inscription:


Dear Mother We Miss Thee


                                                          Wife Of                                                           

James Lee

Died July 13 1879

Aged 59 years 3 months & 3 days

Dear Mother thou art gone to rest

Thy toils and cared are o'er.

And sorrow pain & suffering now

Shall ne'er disturb thee more.



                  Footstone Inscription:               




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