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Richmond Cemetery rd004 - Wawaloam campground 

      This cemetery is located on the property of Wawaloam Campground. It is well maintained by the groundskeepers there and kept in good condition. We found out that one of the people buried there, Job Hoxsie, owned the land where both of us happen to live on.                                               


           Two of the stones in the cemetery, belonging to Varnum Hoxsie and Marther Hoxsie, were broken in half. One of the groundskeepers who had experience with cemetery restoration tried to repair Varnum Hoxsie's stone, but the attempt was unsuccessful because the stone broke again along the same crack.



1. Marther                                            

Wife Of                                                   

Job Hoxie &                                           

& daughter of                                       

John and Sarah                                     


Died in Warwick                                 

Feb. 26, 1878                                         

Aged 79 yrs. 8 mo's                             

15 days                                                  

- marble stone (36.25"x17.5"x2")    

- broken in half     




2. Job Hoxsie

son of

Elijah and Nanny


Born Dec. 26, 1790

Died in Richmond

Aug. 29, 1867

Aged 76 years 10 mo's

& 3 days

-marble stone (31.5"x17.75"x1.75")

-footstone inscription: J.H. (6"x8"x2")                                 


3. In Memory of                                    

Ann Eliza                                                                                                     

daughter  of                                                                                                                         

Mrs. Martha Hoxsie                                                     

died Sep. 16, 1847                                                          

Aged 22 years 2 mo's & 17 days

-marble stone (30"x17"x1.75")

-footstone inscription: A.E.H (11"x9"x1.75")




4. George T. Hoxsie


July 8, 1905

aged 67 years

-marble stone (30"x17"x1.75")

-footstone inscription: A.E.H. (11"x9"x1.75")









5. In Memory of


daughter of

Mr. Varnum & Rhoda Hoxsie

who died

Oct. 18, 1836

In the 20 year of

her age

-marble stone, willow and urn engraving (23.5"x15.5"x2")

-footstone inscription: A.H. (8.5"x8.75"x2.125")





6. George

son of Mr. Varnum & Rhoda Hoxsie


Oct. 8, 1833

Aged 5 years 6 mo

15 days

-marble stone (20.25"x9"x2")

-stone lying down

-footstone (11.25"x9"x1.75")






7. Rhoda Hoxsie

Wife Of

Varnum Hoxsie

died Jan. 16, 1858

in the 70th year

of her age

Them also which sleep in Jesus

Will God bring with Him

-marble stone (31"x19.5"x1.75")

-footstone inscription: R.H. (14.75"x10"x1.5")





8. Varnum Hoxie


November 19, 1882

Aged 78 years 4 mo's

& 15 days

-marble stone (39.5"x20"x1.75")

-stone broken in half

-footstone inscription: V.H. (12.5"x8"x2.125")







9. In Memory Of

Ann Hoxie

daughter of

Varnum & Rhoda Hoxie

Who died March 2, 1843

In the 29th year of her age

One night while in musing these words came with power

O do not be troubled, nor doubt anymore

Believe thou in God, believe also in me.

In the house of my father are mansions for thee

Tis the voice of my savior, my soul then replied

For me he hath suffered, for me he hath died

The blood of his words while he hung on the tree

He has purchased redemption & pardoned for me.

-marble stone, willow and urn engraving (32"x15")

-down off of base, base still in ground

-footstone (15"x10"x2")

-footstone down





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