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Richmond Cemetery rd001- Reynold's Lot

This cemetery is located on Dawley Park Road. While photographing and transcribing at this cemetery, both of us ended up with severe cases of poison ivy requiring many doctors visits and medications. This postponed our project for a few weeks.  This was also the biggest cemetery that we transcribed during our project. 


Burials At This Site

1. Mary E. Edwards       /        Whitman G. Reynolds

died December 22, 1929            born 1853

Age 69                                             died November 11, 1936

                                                                        Age 83 yrs

-marble stone (24"x31.5")

2. Albert Sweet                   /        Hannah Tefft

born November 2, 1812             born March 25, 1808

died January 31, 1898                died September 2, 1906

-marble stone, flower engraving (28.5"x32")







3. Susan M. Clarke


October 24, 1896

Age 70 years, engraving

8 months &

19 days

-marble stone, flower engraving (17.5"x16.5")





4.Daniel Reynolds


April 7, 1830


Dec. 31, 1907

-marble stone (38"x20.5")









5. Father / Mother

Daniel Reynolds   /   Elcy Moore

Born 1786                     Wife of Daniel Reynolds

Died                              Born 1791

Sept. 28, 1870              Died Dec. 26, 1880

-marble stone (21.5"x31.5")






6. In Memory Of


wife of

Moses Clark

who died Mar. 11, 1850

Age 73 years, 5 mos

-marble (20"x17.25")








7. In Memory Of

Job Reynolds Esq.

died Feb. 7, 1850

aged 61 years

& 2 mo's

-marble stone (22.5"x15.25")









8. In Memory Of

Mrs. Mercy

wife of

John Reynolds

died Aug. 26, 1849

Aged 66 years 9 mo's

& 15 days

-marble stone (22"x15")







9. In memory of


John Reynolds

died Sept. 7, 1849

Aged 69 years

& 8 days

Sweet is the memory of the

dead while sleeping on his...

-marble stone (22.25"x15")





10.Stephen Reynolds Esq.

was born Dec. 16th

D. 1749

and Died Jan. 12th

aged 76 years

and 27 days

-slate stone, willow and urn engraving (31"x18.25")

-footstone inscription: S. Reynolds Esq. 1826







11. In Memory of

Abigail Reynolds

wife of

Stephen Reynolds Esq.

(of Exeter)

-slate stone, willow engraving (33"x16.5")

-footstone, unmarked or unreadable







12. In memory of

Miss Martha

daughter of

Stephen Reynolds

died June 19, 1848

Aged 57 year 1 mo

& 8 days

- hand pointing up, words around engraving unreadable (25"x12")







13. Seth W. Terry


Mar. 21, 1894

Aged 78 years

In God's bright eternal city

Death can never, never come

In His own good time He'll call us

From our rest to home sweet home.

-marble stone (24"x18")






14. Mother

Dorcas Crowell

Wife of

Seth W. Terry

Died Aug. 6, 1889

In her 70th year

Dear Mother, how we miss thee;

Can we bear thy loss alone:

No, our savior will help us bear it

While thy spirit rests at home

-stone dimentions (24"x18")





15.  D.T.C

dimentions: (16"x7.5")













16. Abby

daughter of

Daniel & Elcy



Dec. 31, 1863

In her 13 year

-stone dimentions: (18"x11.25")

-top left corner broken off

-footstone inscription: A.R.

-footstone attached to back of headstone


17. In memory of


wife of

Green R. Reynolds

who died

May 9, 1857

Aged 57 years

-marble stone (18.25"x12")







18. Stephen Terry


May 3, 1860

In his 16th year

He that loveth not, knoweth not God

for God is love

-marble stone (35"x19")

-carver's inscription, bottom right corner: C. H. Aldrich







19. Lydia Barber


Feb. 3, 1800

Died Oct. 13, 1874

Jesus saith unto her, "I am

the ressurection and the life

He that believeth in me though

he were dead, yet shall he live,

and whosoever liveth and

believeth in me shall never die"

-marble stone (37.5"x18.25")

-carver's inscription: C.H. Aldrich


20.Enos K. Tefft


Aug. 20, 1874

In the 48 year
of his age

-marble stone (38.5"x20.25")









21. Sarah

wife of

John James

died Nov. 26, 1871

in the 79 year

of her age

-marble stone (28"x15.5")







22. William Young


of Pine hill, Exeter RI

Born In This Town


In Exeter Dec. 28, 1856

Age 87 years 10 mo

& 6 days

He was an exemplary man

-marble stone (30"x14.5")

-carver's inscription: O. Spencer



23. Mrs. Susannah

wife of

William Young


May 18, 1846

Age 71 3 mo's

& 1 day

-marble stone (27.5"x14.5")





24. Desire 

wife of

Benjamin T. Tefft


July 1, 1841

Age 61 years

-marble stone (32"x14.25")







25. Ben T. Tefft


January 19, 1851

Age 77 years

-marble stone (28.5"x15")










26. Lucy

wife of

Benjamin Tefft


September 11, 1811

Age 34 years

-marble stone (28.5"x15")







27. Rebecca

wife of

Ephraim Letson


September 8, 1872

Age 66 years

-marble stone (33.5"x18")







28.Mary E.

Dau'r of

David & Dorcus


Died Feb. 27


How fondly we loved thee.

-marble stone

10 mo's & 8 days

-marble stone



29. Two Infants

children of

David D. & Dorcas


Born & Died June 11


-marble stone







30. Ezra A.

son of

Seth & Dorcas


Died July 23, 1854

In his 8th year

-marble stone







31. Seth W.

son of

Seth W. & Dorcus


died Mar. 14, 1861

aged 8 yr's 2 mo

& 21 days

-marble stone






32. Almond F. Reynolds


June 15, 1832


May 22, 1899

-marble stone








33. At Rest

Mary A. Champlin

wife of

Whitman G. Reynolds

Died Jan. 14, 1889

Aged 25 years 1 mo

& 18 days

-marble stone







34. Infant

Daughter of

Whitman G. &

Mary A. Reynolds

Born June 6, 1884








35. Dorcas Terry

daughter of

Sally & Limon Moon

Wife Of

Benjamin T. Terry

Died Dec. 31, 1899

Age 60 years 6 months

-marble stone





36. Marvel Terry

wife of

Stephen Terry

Died Jan. 19, 1867

In the 49th year

of her age

And I heard a voice from heaven singing

unto me, Write. Blessed are the dead which

died in the Lord from henceforth: yea saith

the spirit, that they may rest from their

labours: their works do follow them    


37. Susan S.

Daughter of

Stephen & Marvel


Died Dec. 18, 1839

Aged 13 years 1 mo.  & 1 day








38. Frank H.

Died Mar. 20, 1856

Aged 1 year 8 mo's & 20 days



Born & Died Dec. 3, 1847

Children of Stephen & Marvel








39. Susan F.

Daughter of

Stephen R. & Mercy A.


Died Sept. 18, 1865

Aged 1 year, 7 mo

& 7 days

She was too lovely long to stay

In such a world as this,

a God who gave the gem to me

hath taken it away.


40. Nathaniel

son of

Job and Joanna


Born July 14, 1815

Died Dec. 6, 1815








41. Esther

Dau. of Benjamin T.

& Desire Tefft


Sept. 12, 1849

AE. 21 yrs. 6 mo. 7 ds.

She's laid in the earth but her bright spirit soars

To the regions of bliss from these sorrowful shores

She moved in her loveliness while she was here

But now she has gone to a happier sphere



42. Gone but not forgotten

Amey Ann.

Wife Of

William Sloan

Died July 18, 1860

Aged 36 years











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